Their weapons consist of six inch stilettos (minimum), tramp stamps, Victoria’s Secret “Pink” or Juicy Couture sweatpants (the pants featuring some cute little word or phrase written across the rear, designed solely to draw attention to her ass); make-up products with glitter or “shimmer” in them but primarily lip gloss, body conforming mini-skirts combined with a thong and high heel, songs that allow them to dance like strippers for three minutes and fifty-five seconds; and female friends that love pretending to be lesbians in social settings, if it means that they can remain single for yet another day but draw enough attention for them not to care.

These women live and die for the attention that only an adult entertainer would receive but hate being approached or complimented. The general rule of thumb is to look, but don’t touch or say anything. Ironically enough, if they weren’t approached, these same women would accuse 98% of the men within a three mile radius of being gay, which coincidentally is something that Atlanta women LOVE to do with their girlfriends at social gatherings and dinner parties; especially after a long day of having rejected every guy that’s approached throughout the evening.

They’re in it strictly because they want to feel wanted without the emotional investment that a relationship incurs. Occasionally you’ll meet one that was so damaged by a previous relationship that she has vowed to wage some psycho revenge war (that only she knows about) against the men that have wronged her. Unfortunately for her, that usually means that she has decided to wage a war against all men and will probably remain single for the rest of her life.

Their unsuspecting victims consist of any guy that approaches with interest regardless of age, race, build, social class or environmental setting. There’s no rhyme or reason to the logic of an attention whore. It’s easy to spot these women whenever you’re out in Atlanta, especially in the metropolitan area at your favorite club, restaurant, lounge or bar. They’re usually in groups of three or more, dressed alike but in different color variations. Since they love being the center of attention, they’ll usually hit the center of the dance floor in a circle like formation and will almost always be louder than the music. They’ll grind, kiss and touch each other to purposely draw you in, just to shoot you down and laugh about it. But under no circumstances are you to approach.

Instead, act as if you don’t see them and enjoy the remainder of the evening with your friends. Partake in some of the finest champagne, and laugh about the past times. Since the attention whore is truly a miserable person, this will usually result with them leaving in disappointment to regroup at their headquarters for some confidence building man bashing.


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