If there’s one thing that Atlanta’s full of besides bullshit and Waffle Houses is ‘professional’ models. A woman saying that she’s a model in Atlanta is the equivalent of someone saying that they’re an actor in Hollywood; they’re pretty much everywhere and one step away from unemployment. The exception of course is if she’s in school or has some other means of paying for her bills such as a part time or full time job but usually that’s not the case.

Models are so prevalent in Atlanta, partly because of the city’s entertainment industry but primarily because of the attention garnered and gifts bore from the men. There’s simply a lot of beautiful lazy women here, who come from all walks of life, that the men cater to and bend over for; regardless of the male to female ratio being in favor of the men.

Being a model in Atlanta means that you don’t have to pay to enter any clubs, parties and some concerts. It means that you don’t have to pay fifty percent of your bills, since you’ll always find some guy willing to do so; regardless of him being able to pay his own. You don’t really have to have any transportation, since once again; some guy is always going to be willing to drive you around as his show piece. Plus, Marta is readily available if things go really bad. Finally, you don’t really have to be that smart, since Atlanta itself is a city based on image and as long as you’re beautiful, not too many people are going to ask you any really important questions.

If you’re passive, have loads of cash and you’re up to dealing with someone who’s developed a false sense of self-importance, then by all means, have at thee. But it’s probably in your best interest to avoid the model, since these women usually hold all of the cards and have plenty of options.


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