It’s not the looks, it’s the attitude that can cause trouble, author says.” Meet the sassy single— She has a bad attitude and has never been able to maintain a meaningful relationship with a member of the opposite sex. She constantly finds herself in situations that usually results in an argument, but ironically it’s never her fault. A simple night in the town at your favorite restaurant, often ends in fear of the waiter spitting in your drink, since your date didn’t appreciate the service, but decided to confront the staff, before having actually received the food. She justifies her erratic behavior to her friends and family by simply stating that she “Knows what she wants and is not willing to settle.”

Atlanta has it’s fair share of self proclaimed sassy women that should be avoided like a venereal disease.

They’re typically between the ages of 34 to 45, and have been in at least two serious relationships, that’s almost resulted in marriage. They’re pretty good at making first impressions, so identifying them will prove difficult. They usually crash and burn however on the second to third dinner date.

It’s essential for you to understand that there’s absolutely nothing that you can do to change or better this individual; especially if she’s in the younger half of her sassy years. No amount of patience, explanation or compromise will change her perspective on the dynamics of a properly working relationship. Older sassy singles however, can occasionally be salvaged. Since these women view their time as “running out”, they’re usually open to just enough change to make things work, but it’s uncommon.

These women will keep you on your toes but are definitely not worth the headache if you’re in it for the long haul. Unasked opinions will prove to be common in this relationship with her attempting to prove that she’s somehow in control.


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