socialmediaqueenmessengerbagAtlanta women have a unique way of communicating and exchanging messages called social networking. As an Atlanta male, you should be well versed in the art of both Facebook, Twitter and Emojis since the days of communicating via the spoken English language are over.

Everyday greetings that we all take for granted such as “Hello” and “How are you?” have all been replaced by pokes,  friend requests and at mentions.

Getting to know someone means that she’s reviewed the info tab on your Facebook profile and she’s not creeped out at the fact that you’re a fan of Justin Bieber.

Breaking up with someone simply means that she’s unfollowed of defriended you on Facebook, all while speaking passive aggressively about you in a status update.

Depending on that type of Atlanta woman that you meet, should determine the type of social network that you  use.

Typically your more sophisticated Atlanta women, enjoy the “Likes” and relationship statuses that Facebook has to offer, while your more fun and narcissistic Atlanta woman seems to enjoy the tweets and Twitpics of people who you could care less about.

You must never however make the mistake of meeting an Atlanta woman and becoming one of her followers on Twitter. Being one of her friends on Facebook however is perfectly acceptable, even though they’re both essentially the same thing.

Liking one of her daily quotes on Facebook (as if you really understand what the hell she’s talking about) or re-tweeting one of her narcissistic rants on Twitter, will surely gain you some cool points as well as possible entry into her “Top Friends” list.

You will find however that your day to day interactions, will ultimately be based upon your social networked ones.


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