After years of dating and countless failed relationships, most Atlanta women will eventually come to terms with the harsh realities of the current dating scene. To any man that’s willing to listen, they’ll openly state that they aren’t looking for anything “too serious,” but proceed with caution.

When an Atlanta woman tells you this, your chances of maintaining a strictly platonic relationship dwindle by 51%. Even more so if you’re a half decent guy, that’s currently employed with no recent history of mental illness.

Many Atlanta women take the nonchalant approach to dating and will attempt to convince you that their only interest lies in simply being “friends.” You’ll go out for the occasional coffee or wine tasting and even exchange commentary on issues that the both of you could care less about, had you actually been in a committed relationship. To the unsuspecting Atlanta male, this is a win-win situation, especially if the woman in question is at least semi-attractive.

What could be better than going out with an attractive woman on a regular basis without overly complicating things with talks of commitment or the awkwardness that sex creates?

You’ll get to platonically stare at body parts that any other woman would slap you for observing, all while satisfying a need of hers which is to constantly complain to a guy, who’ll pretend to listen and care, but without the obligation of actually having to be there on a regular basis.

It’s the perfect dynamic to maintain for any male or female seeking companionship.

Unfortunately, most Atlanta women that say they aren’t looking for anything too serious, usually end up starring in their very own episode of “Snapped.” In a relatively short amount of time, you’ll go from the guy that was literally just a friend to the guy that Biz Markie was rapping about in the 80′s.

Try to understand that when an Atlanta woman says that she’s not looking for anything too serious, she really means that she’s dating to marry but has relinquished herself and therefore you of all expectations, since she’s probably been hurt in the past. The not so serious approach, may confuse you but will allow her to feel as if she’s still in control.


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