Today, women are more into strip clubs than men. This is especially true in Atlanta, where the women love to complain about the lack of straight men, but actively participate in homo-erotic behavior themselves. Despite not being able to find any good men, Atlanta women love attending amateur night at local gentleman’s clubs, where they make up approximately 42% of the patrons, on any given night.

To any rational thinking person, it should be a mystery as to why the strip clubs are so popular amongst the women in the city. Upon asking however, an Atlanta woman will never give you a straight answer. This discussion will at often times, lead to some type of argument, that you’ll fail to understand and regret having been a part of.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“Probably going to go to the Cheetah with the girls.”

“Isn’t that a strip club for men?”

“Yeah so…”

“Why are a bunch of women going to go to a male oriented strip club?”

“Men can do it.”

“But that’s not really an answer.”

“If a man can go to a men’s strip club, then why can’t I?”

“…Never mind.”

The truth of the matter is that there’s a variety of reasons that contributes to the Atlanta woman’s enjoyment of seeing other Atlanta women dance around naked. There’s none however that they would be willing to admit to.

A lot of them will argue that they attend, simply because the food and drinks are great; ironically, you’ll never see any of them order take out. Some will say that they respect what strippers do and therefore want to support them in an environment, where it’s socially acceptable. The problem with that statement is that the 32 ounces of baby oil that she just squirted on the back of “Strawberry,” has nothing to do with the feminist movement or the slippery lap dance that she just received.

Atlanta women genuinely believe that they have it harder than any group of women located within the United States, when it comes to dating. Contrary to popular belief, attractive Atlanta women are approached by men (and some women), on an average of 8 to 10 times per day. As a result, the most popular excuse used amongst Atlanta’s women, in favor of attending male oriented strip clubs, is the lack of interested men, in male oriented strip clubs. The theory is simple, Atlanta women feel as if they don’t have to worry about getting harassed by all of the ineligible bachelors of Atlanta, since in strip clubs, they aren’t exactly the ones getting naked and therefore, aren’t the ones receiving all of the attention. This allows them to still dress like sluts, but without the worries of getting approached.

The reality of the situation is that there are two types of women that attend strip clubs and therefore are two types of women that you should avoid.

The first is the Atlanta woman that’s “in touch with her sexuality.” What this basically means in “Atlantanese,” is that she’s bi curious. An Atlanta woman will never admit it, but the terms are interchangeable. These women love attending strip clubs with men, but typically with no more than one to two guys;  having any more would actually appear a little too heterosexual.  You should remember that the goal is to leave you clueless in regards to their sexual preference. Expect to see a female to male ratio of 5 to 1 at any given table.  While they may not want you to approach, they do however want you to look and take notice (see the Attention Whore). With this particular group of women it’s all about exercising options. They want to bring enough guys to appear and feel as if they’re normal, but be around enough women to appear and feel as if they’re somehow exotic.

Second — Should you actually attend a strip club and consider yourself to be a generous tipper, you should probably be very cautious of any woman that approaches and appears to be too interested. To the average woman, a strip club is a very intimidating environment, where a woman’s confidence is usually at an all time low. To the women who are professionally trained in the art of gold digging however, you’re an unprocessed gold nugget from the mines of Grasberg, that they must get their hands on. These women are usually very aggressive. Their mentality is relatively easy to understand. They believe that if you’re willing to throw money at a bunch of women who you don’t know and aren’t sleeping with, then you’ll definitely be willing to throw money at a woman, who you don’t know and are sleeping with.

Avoiding the above  is guaranteed to keep money in your pocket and reduce one third of the confusion that you’ll experience while dating an Atlanta woman.


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