stripperIronically, exotic dancers are probably some of the most honest Atlanta women that you’ll meet.

They won’t tell you that they want an honest man because usually, they don’t. Like most Atlanta women, they prefer an honest woman, but given the slightest chance that they do actually prefer men, be rest assured that they’re not going to put forth the extra effort to call Joey Greco, if they suspect that you’ve been cheating.

To the exotic dancer, men are about as common as pole rash, so there’s plenty to go around and they typically don’t mind sharing.

Because of their unselfishness, exotic dancers will often attempt to make suggestions as to whom you should date and will occasionally even offer to be your wing man, in an effort to help scout the talent.

While most Atlanta women will attempt to convince you that they love you for you, Atlanta’s exotic dancers will often remind you that it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

As an Atlanta male, you must respect this, since the reality of the situation is that you probably met her while she was working and contributed to at least one semester of her tuition at Georgia State.

The last thing that you’re definitely not going to hear from one of Atlanta’s exotic dancers, is that she only wants to be with you, simply because—she doesn’t. In fact, the mere idea of waking up to someone every day, who even remotely resembles one of her regulars from the the night before, will probably be enough to make her vomit in her mouth and tremble in her G-string (and not in the good way).

While these probably all sound like reasons given in favor of dating exotic dancers, you should know that maintaining an open relationship with one, will require that you “make it rain,” on a regular basis, as well as the occasional feeding of Waffle House Texas Grilled Chicken Melts (hash browns are a fair substitute, depending on blood alcohol levels).


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