Tyler Perry is an actor, director and screen playwright who released his first film titled “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” in 2005 with a budget of approximately $5.5 million dollars. After having successfully grossed over $50 million dollars domestically with the film, Tyler Perry soon realized the profitability involved in bashing Atlanta men. His films now serve as the visual to the voices of countless Atlanta women, who no one would otherwise care to listen to.

The formula to his films are relatively simple to understand. They typically start out in some Atlanta neighborhood that the city of Atlanta has failed to gentrify. A ridiculously beautiful Atlanta woman (who 90% of the female audience believes they resemble), walks into the scene and spends thirty to forty five minutes bashing penis or copes with some form of an abusive relationship, which includes but is not limited to: physical abuse, mental abuse or some form of infidelity.

Shortly thereafter, this same Atlanta woman meets prince charming who just so happens to be cleverly disguised as an auto mechanic or guy that fixes things.

She rejects his many advances and remains coy, only to eventually consult with a gun wielding and emotionally unstable Madea. After twenty minutes of pointless but entertaining dialog, the Atlanta woman (like the audience), learns nothing from her own experience. She eventually get’s married to the guy that fixes things only to ask herself “Why Did I Get Married?” by the time the credits roll.

Atlanta women love Tyler Perry movies because they feel his films summarize the overall Atlanta dating experience in a public forum, which they believe somehow helps get their point across (whatever that actual point may be). It’s the perfect love hate relationship. Atlanta women hate being a part of the Atlanta dating scene but love complaining about it within their social circles; it’s the only time that Atlanta women seem to get along. Their success is heightened once Tyler Perry debuts his newest film which often consists of drama, greed, violence, down-low men, cheating husbands, women that always seem to get away with cheating and of course fairy tail endings (everything that Atlanta women know and love).

His stage plays are typically held in the same regard as Broadway’s “Cats” or “The Phantom of The Opera,” and therefore are probably one of the best first date options to consider, if you’re attempting to seal the deal and have never been to The Fox. But because his films reaffirm everything that Atlanta women already believe, you’ll be hard pressed convincing the die hard Tyler Perry fan (basically all Atlanta women), that she’s actually dating you rather than one of the sociopaths from Tyler Perry’s latest film.


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