When an Atlanta woman considers herself to be a homebody, what she’s really telling you is that she goes out at least three days a week but not on weekends. In her mind, this automatically one-ups you, upon meeting for the first time and casually discussing your interests.

While most Atlanta women would prefer to escape with their girlfriends and party on the weekend, the homebody believes this is trivial and instead would rather invite her “colleagues” to happy hour. This allows Atlanta women to not only roll partying into their weekly work schedule but also skillfully omit the detail of such from their conversations with you and still make it home before news at eleven.

The most common place to meet a homebody is always at her girlfriends birthday party. Coincidentally, “I only decided to come out for my friends birthday” is the number one excuse used by one third of Atlanta women whenever they’re in attendance anywhere, with “my girlfriend dragged me out,” running a close second.

As an Atlanta male you should note that every Atlanta woman will have a group of friends who celebrate birthdays year around, despite them not really liking one another. Every weekend will always be someone’s birthday, which gives them all reason to go out (against their will of course).

Upon meeting an Atlanta woman try not to assume that she’s a homebody. Instead, first verify. Ask her if she goes out often. Most likely she’s going to say “No.” When she does, you should smugly ask “Well, whose birthday is it then?” If she appears startled by your “lucky guess,” tell her that you have a lot in common but know that you shouldn’t take her any more serious than she takes herself.


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