While not Atlanta specific, over the past few years Tinder has managed to position itself as the official norm of effortless dating which of course fully benefits Atlanta women, since Atlanta men or any men for that matter do not reap the same benefits of the social app.

The way the app works is simple. You simply place a picture of yourself online from five to ten years ago and then complain about others who do the same in the about section of your profile. Step two, while editing your profile make sure that you list your various levels of education, work experience, recent accomplishments and everything else that doesn’t really matter, since the entire purpose of Tinder is to judge each other solely based upon looks. Also, don’t forget to mention the terrible time that you’ve had using the app, while continuing to use the app and be sure to reference your Instagram page.

If done correctly, their system will then attempt to “match you,” with people who are attracted to you from your same general location using your smart phones GPS.

If both of you then like each other’s photos, a match is created and you can then either choose to continue Tidering and not talk to each other (which is what the majority of Tinder users choose to do) or once the chat feature is enabled, ask for free food in the form of an official “Tinder date” which entails meeting in person for the first time, usually at a semi-expensive restaurant for dinner or drinks after work.

As an Atlanta male you should know that Tinder has become a survival tool for a handful of struggling Atlanta women since it provides both food and nourishment. The free food option of course does not apply to Atlanta men.

After about seven Tinder matches, Atlanta women will then categorize their dates by day of the week, attractiveness and meal with Monday usually being reserved for the least attractive Tinder date and cheapest meal, while reserving Friday for the David Beckham look-a-like and Maggiano’s Little Italy.

The end result however is always the same. She’ll take a brief hiatus from Tinder dating and her communication will be minimal, after having been allowed to stuff her face every day of the week. When she returns she’ll now claim not be impressed with money or where the next guy wants to take her. You’ll essentially be out of twenty five to fifty dollars and will only be contacted when she’s bored or hungry now forced to watch her “Moments” on the sideline.


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